Cover Art
“Everlasting Cry for Freedom”
Dr. T. F. Chen

The painting on the cover of The Next Paradigm Book & CD is entitled Everlasting Cry for Freedom, by Dr. T. F. Chen, an artist renowned for his humanitarian vision and his artistic style of Neo-Iconography. The striking power of this masterpiece resides in the astonishing presentation of the grand façade of the Statue of Liberty as well as the richness of assorted image elements and their accompanying symbolic meanings. The noble face, half yellow and half blue, half light and half dark, stands for an everlasting symbol of freedom and hope in the tumultuous world in which we live.


Dr. T. F. Chen is a painter, writer, and visionary – recognized as one of the twenty most influential artists in the world today. In 2001, the Friends of the United Nations honored Dr. Chen with a Global Tolerance Award and designated him a Cultural Ambassador for Tolerance and Peace for his lifetime of humanitarian work, as well as for creating a powerful body of art that reflects a global culture of peace. Born in Taiwan and educated in France, Chen earned a Ph.D. in Art History from La Sorbonne, where he established the theory of “Five-Dimensional World Culture” (1969) and initiated “Neo-Iconography” in art.

Dr. Chen has conducted more than 200 one-man exhibitions worldwide, produced more than 3,000 paintings in his signature style and has published over 25 books in English, Chinese, and French, with his work featured in over 300 textbooks and countless other media. Collected widely, privately and publicly, Chen’s series include: Salute to Beijing Olympics, Temple of Heaven, Art for Humanity, The Spirit of Liberty, 9/11, East-West, Cardplayers, Princess Diana, Jade Mountain, and Las Vegas.

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