Preface: To the Millennial Generation

"A call-to-arms of the younger generation, in the spirit of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense of 1776"

  • "Revolution", The Beatles
           Interpreted by Kill The Complex
  • "A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall", Bob Dylan
           Interpreted by Yaniv

Citizen Change: Time to Modify the States’ Laws Specific to the Electoral College and Give a New Political Party a Fair Chance

"Creating the environment for three viable political parties that more accurately reflect the views of their constituency"

  • "All Along the Watchtower", Bob Dylan
           Interpreted by The Gypsy West
  • "Wooden Ships", Crosby, Stills & Nash
           Interpreted by Jennifer Tefft

A Mission to Replace the Gasoline Engine: The New Manhattan Project

"A summary of our current dilemma with energy, and a discussion of steps to take in the future"

  • "The Times They Are A-Changin’", Bob Dylan
           Interpreted by Yaniv
  • "Break On Through (To the Other Side)", The Doors
           Interpreted by Copenger

Three Strikes and You’re Out – A New Perspective on Prisons

"Discussing the costs to society and how we could restructure the system to benefit everyone in our community"

  • "Angel from Montgomery", John Prine
           Interpreted by Mieka Pauley
  • "Hey Joe", Jimi Hendrix
           Interpreted by The Liz Borden Band
  • "Nebraska", Bruce Springsteen
           Interpreted by John Paul


The End to Income and Profits Tax – Time for a National Transaction Tax- Fairness for All

"A discussion of the tax law and how it dictates the way we live, with an argument advocating an all-inclusive transactional/sales tax"

  • "Who’ll Stop the Rain", Creedence Clearwater Revival
           Interpreted by The Liz Borden Band
  • "Taxman", The Beatles
           Interpreted by hi8us

Bridging the Informational Divide: A Wireless World – Internet Access for Everyone

"Developing ways for all people to have access to the great modern library"

  • "Word Game", Stephen Stills
           Interpreted by HRT



A New United Nations: Independently Funded and Elected

"Looking into the future to a truly-global economy and leadership"

  • "Land of Hope and Dreams", Bruce Springsteen
           Interpreted by Aaron & Andrew
  • "Color Esperanza", Diego Torres
           Interpreted by Jaren

Education is the Answer

"Advocating school vouchers as an efficient way of assuring quality in education"

  • "Teach Your Children", Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
           Interpreted by Fast Time Constant
  • "Bright Side of the Road", Van Morrison
           Interpreted by Andy Mason


A Worldwide Free Market – Creating Opportunity and Eliminating Poverty Through Profits and Dignity

"Decreasing poverty through an uninhibited global exchange of goods and services"

  • "Shelter from the Storm", Bob Dylan
           Interpreted by Mike Verge
  • "Gimme Shelter", The Rolling Stones
           Interpreted by The Syphlloids

Contemplation/Silent Prayer, Meditation, and Being in Nature

"Reflection, contemplation, silent prayer, meditation and nature as inspiring and rejuvenating forces"

  • "Rivers of Babylon", The Melodians
           Interpreted by Paul Bolger
  • "Redemption Song", Bob Marley
           Interpreted by Pop Into The Chemist


The War for Water – Desalination for All

"Avoiding the inevitable conflicts over this limited resource"

  • "Johnny’s Garden", Stephen Stills
           Interpreted by Linda Viens



Postscript: An Allegory for the Future

"Encouraging the millennial generation to proactively change the system"

  • "For Everyman", Jackson Browne
           Interpreted by EdibleRed