1) Revolution

Originally released by The Beatles, as the B-side of the single ‘Hey Jude’, in 1968. Also released by The Beatles, in a slower version entitled ‘Revolution 1’, on The Beatles, known as ‘The White Album’, in 1968

Kill The Complex
Kill The Complex is a young band from Hollywood, with one release under their belt, attributed to their original name, Butane. They have stumbled into the Hollywood movie industry with the title song from the movie, National Lampoon’s Cattle Call. They will soon release their new album which will have "a huge anthem-like quality... at least, that's what we're shooting for."


12) All Along the Watchtower

Originally released by Bob Dylan, on John Wesley Harding, in 1967

The Gypsy West
When you listen to The Gypsy West, you are transported to an ageless musical place... as well as a place on the birth of existence. This 3-piece band from New England is able to create atmospheres which are usually possible only with a larger group of musicians. The Gypsy West recently released their debut album, Dustfires.


2) A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

Originally released by Bob Dylan, on The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, in 1963

3) The Times They Are A-Changin’

Originally released by Bob Dylan, on The Times They Are A-Changin’, in 1964

Yaniv is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter who grew up in Denver, Colorado. Yaniv was a founding member of the Colorado electric jamgrass band, Space Heater, and a core member of the Colorado bluegrass band, Hunker Down, playing guitar, bass, and dobro. He has a self-titled solo album that was released in January of 2008. Yaniv also has his own recording studio, Sluice Box Studios, where he has recorded and produced albums for many of the upper echelon of Colorado mountain musicians.


13) Wooden Ships

Originally released by Crosby, Stills & Nash, on Crosby, Stills & Nash, in May of 1969
Additionally released by Jefferson Airplane, on Volunteers, in November of 1969

Jennifer Tefft
Jennifer Tefft is a Boston-based singer/songwriter with four CD releases to her credit, the most recent being Time is a Thief. Her third album, Shift, won Alternative Album of the Year at Hollywood’s 2002 Just Plain Folks Music Awards. Jennifer Tefft is another TNP artist who has had success in having her songs played on daytime TV series, such as One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless.



4) Break On Through (To the Other Side)

Originally released by The Doors, on their debut release, The Doors, in 1967

This Boston-based band has been increasing the energy in every college bar and party in town, with their improvisational musical base and unique, catchy melodies. They’re in the process of completing their debut album On The Rise.


14) Angel from Montgomery

Originally released by John Prine, on John Prine, in 1971

Mieka Pauley
Mieka, a New York native, has become a darling of Boston, and one listen to her latest release, Elijah Drop Your Gun, is a testament to her wealth of talent and beyond-her-years inspiration. Mieka decided to creatively make Elijah an audience-supported project, with her fans contributing to offset the costs. Mieka provided incentives such as signed copies of the disc, all the way up to a free house concert and season tickets for admission to all of her shows for a year.




5) Who’ll Stop the Rain

Originally released by Creedence Clearwater Revival, on Cosmo’s Factory, in 1970

15) Hey Joe

Originally released on Jimi Hendrix’ album, Are You Experienced?, in 1967

The Liz Borden Band
Liz Borden has been an important fixture on the east coast and national music scene since the 1980’s, when the all-female Lizzie Borden & The Axes were playing gigs with The Ramones, The Go-Go’s, Cheap Trick, Flock of Seagulls, Spinal Tap, and other influential artists during the onset of the American Punk/ New Wave movement.


16) Nebraska

Originally released by Bruce Springsteen, on Nebraska, in 1982

John Paul
Boston musician, John Paul, just recently returned from Nashville, after recording his second solo album, entitled Belmont Boulevard, with support from some stellar musicians, including: Drummer Brad Pemberton and bassist Billy Mercer, both from Ryan Adams and the Cardinals; Dan Dugmore, veteran string-master for both Linda Ronstadt’s and James Taylor’s bands; and Nashville producer/keyboardist Jason Lehning. John has also released Winter Trek, as well as an album with his alternative rock band, The Black Tie Affair.



6) Taxman

Originally released by The Beatles, on Revolver, in 1966

hi8us is a Boston-area band with a repertoire of creative, original songs, stirred in with a wide range of music that reflects their influences, from The Police’s “Roxanne” (with ‘Stingy’ falsetto by Mike Rakusin) to obscure Frank Zappa, exhumed from his masterpiece Hot Rats. In the tradition of other important, jam-oriented artists from New England, everything they play is easy to boogie to, which is probably reflective of many a brittle cold evening in Boston.


17) Word Game

Originally released by Stephen Stills, on Stephen Stills 2, in 1971

HRT is an all-female rock band which has been garnering much media attention, as shown by their numerous television, newspaper and magazine stories in their hometown of Boston, as well as national attention with NBC’s Today Show. They have their own reality TV series, currently airing in Canada, called Rocker Moms, which follows these women in pursuit of their musical dreams, while balancing their lives at home. And yes, their name is short for ‘Hormone Replacement Therapy’, a tongue-in-cheek reference to rock ‘n’ roll and its ability to keep us young.



7) Land of Hope and Dreams

Originally released by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, on Live in New York City, in 2001

Aaron & Andrew
Aaron Ruiz and Andrew Hansen grew up playing together. Their inspired songwriting caught the ear of film music editor Joseph S. DeBeasi, who, in 2006, produced their first album, Don’t Go, which was recorded in Nashville. They’ve grown from an acoustic duo to a tight four-piece band, sharing the stage with artists, Peter Yorn and Nine Days. Their second album, Pictures and Words, has just been released. So impressed are the Producers of the TV show Guiding Light, that songs from the new album will appear on the series this year.




18) Teach Your Children

Originally released by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, on Déjà vu, in 1970

Fast Time Constant
Fast Time Constant is comprised of two long-time friends, singer/songwriter Joshua Belter, and New Mexico singer/songwriter Andy Mason. Their name (FTC) refers to an electronic filter used by air traffic controllers, which reduces false echoes caused by rain, birds, and trees. Josh and Andy likewise create the rare experience of two non-genetically-related voices blending in an uncannily-beautiful fashion. You can hear their signature sound on their 2005 CD, For Lease.




8) Color Esperanza

Originally released by Diego Torres, on Un Mundo Diferente, in 2002

Jaren has been creating his own blend of South American-inspired Latin melodies and arrangements for many years in both his native Peru as well as in Florida. In 2005, he released his beautiful & well-produced album, Esperando una Senal. Translated from Spanish as “Waiting for a Sign”, this is the way that Jaren sees life… listening to one’s intuition as we navigate the various pathways of life.




19) Bright Side of the Road

Released by Van Morrison, on Into the Music, in 1979

Andy Mason
New Mexico artist Andy Mason has just finished work on his 4th solo album, entitled Lost Cowboy, a collaboration with renowned producer, engineer and musician, Johnny Mulhair (known for his work with many New Mexico & Texas musicians, including Leann Rimes). Andy has also been busy with a foray into children’s music, with two recent albums, Everybody Likes Pizza and Monkey See, Monkey Do. Andy is also a mainstay of the New Mexico band, The Fun Brothers, and records regularly with the duo, Fast Time Constant.





9) Shelter from the Storm

Originally released by Bob Dylan, on Blood on the Tracks, in 1975

Mike Verge
Mike Verge is a singer/songwriter from Boston who has been a fixture on the New England music scene for almost a decade. For several years, Mike fronted the highly-acclaimed Boston band, Virgil Cain, opening for many national acts, including Cheap Trick and Hootie & the Blowfish. Mike has recently enjoyed success in songwriting and performing on soundtracks for several independent films, including the movie This Thing of Ours, starring James Caan. He also teamed up with guitarist Brad Whitford of Aerosmith to record a version of The Doors’ “LA Woman” for the same film. Mike wrote and recorded the ballpark anthem, “Let’s Go Red Sox”, which was played during the Red Sox games at Fenway Park throughout their 2007 World Championship Season. The song was also featured on Fox TV during their broadcasts of the Red Sox’ 4-0 win over the Colorado Rockies in the 2007 World Series.




20) Rivers of Babylon

Originally released by The Melodians, on Rivers of Babylon, in 1970, and The Harder They Come soundtrack, in 1972

Paul Bolger
Paul Bolger is the lead vocalist, acoustic rhythm guitarist, and songwriter for Chicago’s long-time jam band favorites, Mr. Blotto. Mr. Blotto has been churning out clever, original albums with a focus on inspired songwriting and fine musicianship, for over 16 years. Their third album, Ancient Face, has sold over 20,000 copies on their own label, truly putting them in the running for the biggest, unsigned independent band. In 2006, Paul collaborated with legendary Grateful Dead/Bob Weir lyricist, John Barlow, with the result being Mr. Blotto’s latest studio album, Barlow Shanghai.




10) Gimme Shelter

Originally released by The Rolling Stones, on Let It Bleed, in 1969

The Syphlloids
The Syphlloids are, self-admittedly, “four guys who enjoy the two most important things in life… porn stars and hockey fights”. They have shared many a stage with the likes of bands such as Green Day, Social Distortion, The Offspring, NOFX, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. For more evidence of how they dip into that rancid pool of adolescent punk, check out their two albums, Riding the Corporate Muscle, and Finger Check.




21) Redemption Song

Originally released by Bob Marley, on the album Uprising, in 1980

Pop Into The Chemist
Electronica/funk/jazz band Pop Into The Chemist manifest a sound which is complex, yet grooves with a danceable rhythm. Both Mike Hermans and George Chinaglia are also in Boston jazz/funk fusion band, Stretch. Specializing in world music rhythms, Andreas Brade has performed and recorded with many world music artists, including the afro-pop band Rubblebucket Orchestra.




11) Johnny’s Garden

Originally released by Stephen Stills & Manassas, on Manassas, in 1971

Linda Viens
Linda Viens has been involved in the Boston music and art scene for many years, including being a founding member of Boston Rock Opera, with performances in Sgt. Pepper, Jesus Christ Superstar, Abbey Road, and Billion Dollar Babies Vs. Aqualung. She and her husband also formed New England’s notorious funk orchestra, Crown Electric Company, in the 90’s. In addition to her solo work, Linda is a vocalist, songwriter and guitarist for the Boston-based band, Angeline, along with Emily Grogan of HRT (Check out Angeline’s soulful sound on 2007’s Powdered Pearls).




22) For Everyman

Originally released by Jackson Browne, on the album For Everyman, in 1973

EdibleRed is one of those gifted bands from New York which is getting acclaim for their supreme musicianship and eclectic sound. Front woman Collette McLafferty adds a spark with a voice that she describes as, “classically-trained, that slowly degenerated into that of a rock singer’s”. For a clever and humorous glimpse into this band, check out their cameo on the TV show, Cash Cab, which you can view on YouTube. You can hear their vision on their most recent album, Welcome to My Bad Behavior, on veteran Indie label Select Records.